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About Hillstream


Hillstream represents the finest in religious, corporate and public art.

We strive to provide the highest quality art for churches, corporate buildings, public art and religious institutions, all at affordable prices. Catholic Art, Catholic Sculpture, Religious art for all denominations, fine art painting, religious bas-relief sculpted works, religious tapestry, church stained glass and other liturgical, as well as secular, elements are all individually created for the environment in which they will reside, drawing on the work of award-winning artists whose work reflects the highest standards of excellence. It is our belief that generic catalog pieces are of questionable value and are all too prevalent, down-grading the quality of work in many locations. By contrast we deliver unique individual works of art created by the highest quality artists leading the way to ensure that generations to come will benefit from the beauty and power of great works of art. 

John Bergstrom, Representative


P. O. Box 121 South Salem, NY 10590 USA

T:  914-533-5550

M: 914-471-5246

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Media and Costs: An original sculpture can be created specifically for your needs in bronze or other materials, though we strongly recommend bronze for most situations because of its unique properties and durability.  A notable exception is the work of Wiktor Szostalo who often works in stainless steel, also durable.  The cost will be determined by: the size of the piece, the amount of detail, its usage and, to some extent, the material.  

Collaboration: The artist would be happy to come to your location for a consultation in order to design the work for the space where it will reside and to communicate in person with you, your consultant and/or committee so that you will be completely satisfied with the result. 

Process: Following consultation the artist makes a sketch, mock-up or model which is subject to approval.  An agreement is drawn up enumerating the cost and anticipated production schedule, the rights and restrictions, payment and delivery plans.

Limited Editions: The existing sculpture displayed on the site may be available in very limited editions.  The cost would be about the same, but you would be able to see exactly what you would be getting, and the lead time would be significantly reduced.

Prints:  Prints of some original paintings may also be available.  See our Prints page for information on prints.


Painting is done in oil or acrylic on various surfaces such as panel, silk or other media. 


John Collier's religious tapestry has been created for both Catholic churches such as St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church in El Paso, Texas and for secular concerns such as the World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa.


Feel free to request artist samples and PowerPoint presentations for your files.