Juanita Yoder · Bio

NEWS: Juanita was asked to present her work at the Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space (ACLS) conference held in association with the Cathedral Ministries Conference in Minneapolis.  Attendees were fascinated by her festive, seasonal banners and kites.  In Washington DC her banners graced the main meeting hall at the conference of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities.  Her table drew many university presidents inquiring about her banners and praising her work.

See her "Kites" page on this site to see her festive Banners at the Princeton Chapel.  Click on the video to see her spectacular Kites in motion.

For two decades, artist Juanita Yoder has painted large scale installations on silk for liturgical, healthcare, and hospitality environments. Yoder has been commissioned by such notable institutions as Princeton University Chapel, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center in Arizona, and Central Park Hotel in Sighisoara, Romania. She was awarded a BENE Award for Devotional Art for her commission of the fifteen stations of the cross for St. Thomas Moore Catholic Church in Glendale, Arizona. Yoder was honored in 2012 with an Alumni Achievement Award from Christopher Mennonite High School in Lansdale, PA. She has been chosen as an artist to create work for a church in Canada, a church being built to honor one of the newest Catholic saints. She is formally trained as a painter with a B.A. in art from Goshen College, Indiana, and an M.A. from Eastern Illinois University where she was awarded a full scholarship and a teaching assistantship. She also earned a teaching certificate from The College of New Jersey. Yoder is a board member of the Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space, a national organization to connect architects, designers and artists with clients who need quality, faith-based support in creating an environment of beauty and worship.

In Spring of 2010 Juanita Yoder had the opportunity to participate in a group pilgrimage to Assisi and also Laverna, Italy. The overwhelming smell of jasmine, the gorgeous stone and terra cotta, and the panorama of the valley provided a place for Yoder to explore small, personal works. This experience continues to influence her spiritual practice and artwork.

Collaboration is a welcome experience for Juanita Yoder. Collaboration with kite artists makes it possible to create 3-D suspended works and kinetic pieces used in processions. These have been used for major events in the Basilica of the National Shrine in Washington, D.C., the St. James Cathedral, Seattle, Washington, and the Princeton University Chapel, Princeton, New Jersey, among many others.